Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blackboard & more Chrissy wreaths

here's my little blackboard project. i sent husband off to Bunnings and he came home with blackboard paint- in a can! it was so quick and easy! just a few coats sprayed on and then rubbed over with chalk before using. great for quotes and Chrissy messages!

the frame was originally from Ikea (you can still buy them) it's a plastic frame that i have painted in Antique White USA. i just love the scrolls. i have had fabric displayed in it for a few years, and it would also look great as a mirror.

i tried my hand at a couple more wreaths today. my eldest daughter is going to do one this afternoon in purple (her new fav colour) for her bedroom.

here's the beginning of another wreath. still loving the white and natural colours, but threw in a bit of blue this time.

i have come a long way since the one i made yesterday. i've got my own technique down pat now. i cut all the strips with a fabric cutter, which keeps all the pieces nice and even. and it's so much quicker than scissors. i also trimmed back the silver on the wreath a bit so it doesn't show through as much. it makes the tying of the fabric much easier too.

this one was made from an old Cath Kidston (Ikea) shower curtain. i have shower screens so couldn't use it in my bathrooms.

here's what it looked like when i 1st started it.

up close....

and here you have it- a waterproof wreath! lol.
wreaths can be enjoyed all year round- not just at Christmas time. especially ones that aren't done in the traditional colours. i've made a few now, and hopefully i've inspired you to give it a go too! a great project to do in front of the telly :)

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  1. wow these wreaths are amazing, feeling inspired now!
    alicia :0)

  2. I love the wreaths! Great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration! ;)