Sunday, March 10, 2013

a few purchases for the home

hi everyone!
i've had a big sell off on eBay in the last week, and i've purchased a few things for our home, so thought i'd come and show you!
i made a trip to Ikea via an eBay pickup (any excuse will do) to buy a sisal rug for the family room, but of course the one i wanted has been discontinued! my friend suggested Freedom, so i headed there the next morning. i bumped into another friend there who had seen the rug i was after in the clearance room! i dashed up to check it out and got it half price! and here it is!
 i'm so happy with it! it makes the room feel cosier and softer- perfect for Autumn.
the photos aren't too great because it hasn't stopped raining for more than 5 minutes in the last 3 weeks.
well, maybe a slight exaggeration, but it sure feels that way!
i sold the beachy drawers that once sat here, so bought in this little table from outside for a different look.

i rarely buy from eBay, but stumbled across this cute cane cupboard and won it for a few dollars.
after a can of white gloss spray paint it's looking much smarter.
it would work well in the bathroom too.... but i have no room to spare in there!
my champagne cork collection. i'm not even sure why i have kept them?!
i've always had a bit of a thing for corks for some reason!
this rug was reduced at Freedom too, and is discontinued, so grabbed it as well. love the pattern, and it looks great in the study against our white painted concrete floors.
i'm enjoying some greenery around the house lately. It lasts longer and comes from the garden so it's free!
i bought these plants from the markets 2 weeks ago, and they are thriving! i can't believe how much this one has grown.
they both seem to be happy with the amount of light they are getting in the dining room which is great!
i'm very much hoping we see some blue skies in Brisbane this coming week!
have a good one all ;)
Kate x
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  1. all looks so lovely that little glass top table. you should join in at little green shed blog for the nature in the home link up
    your pics are great!. im due for either an ikea or ebay spend up...but by the looks I should try freedom.
    Allison x

  2. Gosh you have such a lovely home. Thank you for linky up with me... x

  3. so gorgeous ! the sisal rug looks great in there. i have the same one bought in the bargain section at freedom.
    hope it stops raining soon.

  4. Everything is looking very pretty at your house. I am loving all your decor. Very romantic and lovely. Enjoy your newly arranged living room. I hope you have a great new week.