Tuesday, April 16, 2013

our holiday to Bali

it's hard to believe our long awaited trip to Bali is over and we are now back into the swing of another school term!
on Good Friday, we were up before the sun, and off to the airport. we arrived at our hotel in Ubud just before midnight, and ordered nasi goreng and pad thai to share before collapsing into bed.

and here's the following morning's view from our little porch!

                                          intricate stone work. all carted in and laid by hand.
this shot was taken from the pool area. Mike is wandering down to join us. our 2 story bungalow style accommodation "Water Spies" was the original house, built in the 1940's.

refreshing coconut drink.
we visited Ubud markets where i bought one of these beautiful brightly coloured crochet throws. i shouldn't have stopped at one. you can never own enough crochet you know.
sunrise over the mountains
on our 2nd day, we trekked off to soak in the amazing views offered from the rice fields.
talk about steamy!! the weather in Bali is hot hot hot!!
so relieved to have made it to the top! those little thatched roofs shaded us nicely while we took a drink stop.
lily covered ponds filled with the fattest gold fish are everywhere.
the Balinese women are such workers! from what i saw, they seem to do more of the labour intensive lifting and carrying than what the men do.

next stop. Monkey Forest. $7 entry for our whole family!
such beauty through here. we chose not to feed the monkeys-  i was not going to risk having to unnecessarily use my extensive 1st aid kit, or a trip to the hospital for that matter!
mumma with her babe. so sweet!
this cheeky monkey decided he was thirsty, so bit straight through the water bottle Mike was carrying!
apparently the nut in his other hand was more interesting than our supply of ice cold water- which was then emptied onto the pavement!!
after a 3 night stay, we left the mountains in exchange for Legian's ocean views.
definitely more my thing.
hair was braided
 henna was applied
and much bartering and shopping was done.
how awesome are these lights?! i bought a teeny tiny tiny home with me!
the sunsets were so pretty.
 us :)

capturing the sunset
fabulous Potato Head restaurant and beach bar. the outside of this huge place is lined with vintage timber shutters.
we ordered some fancy schmancy drinkies overlooking the infinity pool and out to sea.
sun sparkles over the surf
we moved onto Ku De Ta for lunch. with water views of course.
and freaking amazing food. lobster and pork gyoza, and a sushi horn. heck yeah!
dinners on the beach were a fav!
ring purchase
bargain peacock chair! reduced to $159!
funnily enough, i found and won an exact replica of this on ebay yesterday! i will be back with a makeover soon ;)

our last few days were spent in quiet Nusa Dua, south of Legian. the beaches were beautiful. (and so were the pina coladas!)
the grains of sand were the size of mustard seeds!

the 'i'm such a tourist' shot
these goldies couldn't get any chubbier if they tried
The Rock Bar. accessible only by carriage that took us down the side of a steep cliff.
we were given umbrellas to shade us from the extreme heat!
the view? breath taking
last stop. Jimbaran Bay. for and assortment of freshly BBQed seafood.
with spectacular views. again!

a bit of beach fun!
goodbye Bali. what an awesome holiday you gave us x
Kate x

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  1. That was a lovely report, thanks!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Great photos everything looks amazing... and Mike is such a lucky man to have you three!!

  3. looks like a fantastic holiday! love all the colour. your photos are so gorgeous kate :)

  4. wow perfect shots....can feel the bali heat from here x

  5. What an awesome and beautiful vacation. You are blessed.


  6. oooo you have me so excited. We are heading there in June and I cannot wait! Looks beautiful xx

  7. Wow - It's so beautiful. Looks like you had a great time.

  8. HI Kate,
    I am headed to Bali on Monday,I am a sydney based wedding & portrait photographer and lover of furniture too! Where did you buy your peacock chair from? And what company did you use to get it all home? Was it expensive? Sorry for all the questions!
    PS: loved your pic's of your Bali trip!