Sunday, March 6, 2011

the 1st weekend of Autumn

welcome to Autumn!
i thought i'd greet you with a happy pic of my stack of tablecloths and vintage sheets that i use for tablecloths.
we're 6 days into the new season, and the weather has finally felt a little "Autumny" today. well, at least until about 9am anyway! i was up and off to the markets this morning, and didn't even think to take a cardii as it has been sooo hot lately. well i certainly regretted that. it was chilly to say the least. we made our coffee stop quite a lot earlier to escape the chill.

i changed around some of our furniture yesterday. our sweet pair of cockatiels have not been treating my lovely cream couch very well, so i needed to move it elsewhere. so, it has traded places with my 2 ikea bookshelves.

to fit the lounge into the formal dining room, we had to turn the table sideways. surprisingly, it fit and makes the room feel a lot bigger too! i just can't put chairs on the ends of the table.
the cockatiels live just to the left of the bookcases. i'm really enjoying having all these pretties on display, rather than tucked around the corner.
i think i will enjoy my coffee breaks alot more looking out this window. it is such a light and bright room, and just gorgeous in winter.
here are 3 of the pieces i purchased last weekend. they are drying off in the sunshine before i attack them with sandpaper and sealer.
while outside painting away, i spotted this stunning butterfly. i ran in and grabbed the camera to try and get a good up close pic. it was a bit difficult to capture it's true colours.
i just love butterflies :)
if it had landed here, it would've made a prettier background!

only a handful of finds from this morning: little lidded jar for cotton balls, milk glass vase to add to my collection, lovely black chunky beads, pink lustre thingy (i don't normally go for lustred things, but couldn't leave this one behind :) and a glass door knob.....

perfect for my old door!!!!

and here are my finished pieces. i did some 'shopping' around my home (i learned that term from some of you bloggers out there :) for some props to compliment my pics.
half moon table.


cute stool.
sanded back to reveal a little of the original green paint.


and this scrolly edged side table.

i'll be keeping this one for a while i think!

there's still plenty of the day left, so we are off to do coffee and milkshakes.
happy day to you too :)
Kate x
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  1. Love the side table! I've just finished one - will get some pics and do a post.

  2. You have a beautiful light and airy home and its so soft. I love the furniture you have painted white and the way you have aged it looks amazing you would never believe it was the same from the dark wood it was before. I love butterflies to such gentle animals and such pretty colours. Enjoy your sunday, dee x

  3. Im loving the cooler weather I hope it sticks around....Your projects are gorgeous, and that butterfly is spectacular!

  4. Your little tables are beautiful and your butterfly photograph is gorgeous!

  5. There is nothing paint can not remedy. Love all your makeovers Kate, you've had some excellent thrifty finds lately. Everything looks lovely in your home, and you style beautifully.
    We had our breakfast outside on Sunday morning, and there were so many beautiful butterflies outside. My three year old girl was a delight to watch trying to catch them with her bare hands.

  6. very glad to have found your lovely blog!! All your pictures are beautiful and I love all that you love :) Mel xx

  7. You have been a busy girl Kate. This cooler weather makes it much more of a pleasure to be getting stuck into some projects doesn't it.
    Love all that you've done :o)

  8. you have a beautiful home! i love the bright and sunny room you have there, the half moon table looks more gorgeous now in white! beautiful decorations and i just love it!! thanks for sharing!

  9. Just found your blog and I love it! So strange to hear you talk about fall when we're talking about spring. Your furniture makeovers are lovely additions to your home. Newest follower.

  10. I just love your collections of tables and linens. Everything seems to look better with a coat of white paint,doesn't it? That glass door knob is beautiful!

  11. Lovely transformation. and you bright sunny and full of natural light room is my love. its beautiful... Hope everything is coming to routine in Brisbane now... Wish you happy days ever, and yes I am your newest follower too...
    Hope you will enjoy your visit if you can spare a little bit to see some napkin folds at

  12. Love the side table! Do you mind telling me what paint did you use?

  13. Pretty, love how you make me want a fresh stack of bright linens and freshly painted white tables scattered about. Just lovely-

  14. Love the little scrolly table. I found one on the hard rubbish and am going to make it over!!!!