Saturday, March 19, 2011

10 minute candlestick makeover and a WINNER!!

i picked these lovely candlesticks up from an op shop yesterday. i have been wanting to paint up my own set, and have a feeling these may have been made in a wood work class at school? they seem very 'handmade' and solid.

the rain has set in for the weekend, so best i don't get stuck into any large painting projects!
it's very overcast, so the photos aren't the best.
i made up a table runner with a curtain. just folded it in thirds. that way i can use it as a tablecloth too.
i didn't want a thick painted look, so smeared the paint on with an old washer.
i rubbed it into all the grooves as best i could,
not worrying about missing a bit here and there.

it turned out to be quite a messy task!

there goes the nails!!
i wanted the timber colour to show through, so rubbed off some of the paint with the dry end of the washer.

and here's the result!
i love how they have turned out.
they compliment my dining room perfectly!

and the WINNER of the five year memory book is
please send your contact details to
so i can get your parcel in the post!!
thankyou to all of you who entered :)
enjoy your weekend
Kate x

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  1. I really hope they weren't made in a woodwork class at school, and if so, i hope the "maker" was the one to throw them away! i can't imagine as a parent throwing away something handmade item at school! Anyway, you're loving them well, they suit beautifully :)

  2. I like your candlesticks, they turned out really well - nice job! ;-)

  3. I thought the first pic was a before shot and I was thinking 'no, don't do anything to them'.

    They look fab.

    TDM x

  4. Omg I am SO thrilled to have won the book, thank you so much, you have made my day! Wow!

  5. Wonderful candlestick makeover.

  6. congrats to your lucky winner and great make over for those candlesticks