Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday treasures & a painted box

my day started rather early- the alarm went off at 4:20am! we have purchased an almost new car in Melbourne. for those followers who don't live in Australia, it's a 2 hour flight from where we live in Brisbane, or a 2 day drive! i dropped Mike at the airport for his 6am flight. he is now in our new car and on his way North.

i left my sweet little sleeping beauty's at home and headed straight from the airport to the markets.
lots of treasures today- yay!! pretty pottery pieces above and an American Beauty dish.
and below, a lovely old cut crystal vase.
i knew this print would be perfect above the daybed in the study.
love the muted colours.
a french inspired pot for $1.
i wasn't sure about these little chandies at first, but the crystals got me.
and for $5 each, i decided to take them.
i'll paint them up and maybe hang them either side of Emily's bed.

this cute knotted silver bangle was only $2 and pairs up well with my Tiffany bracelet.

i am a bit of a hippy at heart (as many of my friends know ;) so was thrilled to find myself a couple of dresses. this white one still had the tag attached and was only a dollar.
needs a good iron of course (and a wash) lol.
Dotti boho dress and pretty crocheted top.
i'm always on the lookout for storage ideas that work. i find in our home, that if i try and keep things ordered in 'lidded' boxes, items just pile up on the lid.
so when i found this cute box, i knew it would be perfect for keeping the study desk neat.
it's a good size and holds everything within arms reach. and no lid means things are more likely to be put back properly!
love it's curves :)
i felt a bit mean painting over the cottages, as someone had
painstakingly painted them all on by hand!!
and here it is in it's new home
i'm off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday
Kate x
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  1. WOW great finds, I particularity like the chandeliers!!!

    I'd love to know what markets you go to???

  2. Same as Spring Blossom Kate. Love the chandies, I'd buy them just for the chrystals if nothing else. Loved it fav the crocheted wait the dress, no maybe the desk organiser? You're so clever, to see the potential in things. :)

  3. Wow, you certainly have had some good great finds today. You look lovely in your dress and crochet top. Enjoy. :)
    Anne xx

  4. Nice finds you did well. I would like to know which markets too? I had no luck today with markets but did manage a very yummy morning muffin and latte! ;-)

  5. Looks like a great day! Love the dresses.

    TDM x

  6. i think i need to get me some white paint.

  7. Hi Kate!

    Love all your new treasures...especially the little chandies and your white dress!!

  8. Wonderful treasurers ; I want to have this white dress :) Enjoy !