Tuesday, October 5, 2010

matching pieces

i really adore these two pieces of furniture. but it wasn't until i was looking through some photos i'd taken, that i realised that they kind of matched! i think it's the queen anne style of legs and the pink knobs that make them look like a bit of a pair.
i have had the little drop front desk for years- found it in a tip shop for $10. the drop down desk was too damaged to keep, so it needed a replacement. Mike cut one for me over the school holidays and i glued a wreath on the front to dress it up a little. the pink knobs help it look extra girly :)
the other desk has faux drawers and had a yucky brown top which quickly got a coat of white paint. i had 2 pink knobs left, so added those too. they both live in the family room, but would also work nicely in a little girls room. but sadly, both my girls have recently told me they are not into the 'shabby' look anymore! i love it, so might just make it my very own study desk :)
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