Saturday, October 2, 2010

the sound of white

my collection of milk glass (like other collections) wasn't intentional. it just sort of happened. i had eyed off pretty ruffled hobnailed pieces on eBay, but wouldn't bid due to high listing prices and steep postage. and then one day, while searching through a large op shop on the Sunshine Coast, I found an original ruffled hobnailed little white Fenton vase for 50 cents!! i was so excited! the tiny vases came next (not Fenton) and then the large ruffled Fenton dish was a find from my local markets for $8. That's the most i've paid. apart from the lamp base being $5, all the rest of my peices were $2 and under. now that i had quite a few peices, i've decided to group them together. not sure that they will stay here (nothing stays in the same spot here for long!) but i'm happy with the 'white on white' look for now.
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