Tuesday, October 12, 2010

moving things around

on the 10/10/10 (Sunday) Mike and i spent the best part of the rainy afternoon moving furniture around and 'changing up' a few of our living spaces. it's never planned; i'll just be having a think and will say something like "you know, the lounge in the study might fit over here." and we're off and running! it's one thing we really enjoy doing together. sounds weird, but i just love changing things around. it helps keep clutter at bay, as we're always having to move things off shelf and empty drawers to move one thing out of a room and into another. and often, a couple of things will end up on eBay once i've decided we don't need them anymore!

we have the most comfy gorgeous lounge in our study, but it just doesn't get used being so tucked away. so, i decided to make another little sitting room, and put ALL the computers into the computer room. yes, that's my little desk under the window :) so far, it's working a treat! one of the bookshelves had to come out of the study, so it now lives in the dining room ( as you can see) which is on the other side of the wall that houses the lounge. the old display cabinet then got moved out to the family room. all my pretties are now in full view rather than being tucked behind a wall.

today was supposed to be Kacey's Swimming Carnival, but it was cancelled due to the awful weather. plan b was for a friend to come over for coffee, but she ended up with 2 sick children at home instead. so i had to resort to plan c- buying all the bits and bobs for Kacey's birthday party 'thankyou favours', a little op shopping and a blog post! so not all bad :)
oh the things we busy ourselves with when it rains so continuously!!

time for a hot chocolate.....
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  1. Looks lovely... just how we are planning to spend part of our Sunday!! Trying to figure out if we can fit the hutch in the office for me to use as office storage......hmmmm.